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Since 4 U Blogs are "By The People For The People" we've decided to follow the lead of our peoples #Team4U. Members, Friends, Followers, Blog supporters and Fans make up #Team4U and we Love you all. Your thoughts and ideas matter to us. This is why for 2022 we're opening up our entire topics floor to your blogging ideas. In these challenging times most peoples are tired of the same old historically incorrect stories and just want to hear the Unmodified truth so that we can make more informed decisions concerning our futures. #Team4U will be picking the topics for 4 U Entertainment to cover. Any topic as long as it's thought provoking, informative, or conscience raising it's a go here. Stay tuned for Bi-weekly Blog posts. Are you new to our page? Sign up and get involved. Your thoughts are welcomed here at 4 U. #OneGodOneLove    

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