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Pentagon Holds Historic Meeting Concerning UFO Sightings Over Restricted Areas

Is this Sci-Fi or real? It's real. On Tuesday May 17, 2022, the American Pentagon held a historic meeting concerning unauthorized Unidentified Phenomena as Flying Objects frequenting restricted air space, showing up above military establishments and appearing over military Training Bases. Nasa reports contrary to public opinion, there is no top-secret government aircraft capable of such flying phenomena. Unidentified Phenomena has been appearing since early 2000 and increasing this year with over 400 sightings so far. American authorities are wondering if advanced intelligence is actually watching our planet from space and ruling out nothing. Now Pilots and the general public is urged to call a 800 number to report any Unidentified Phenomena. The Pentagon is now promising callers will no longer be considered as crackpots for reporting? LOL. Duh..OK, yeah right? They say: All calls will be taken seriously? LOL. Re-eally? LOL.

Members of Team4U think this deserves at least a conversation. Team4U is made up of multi-cultural, and multi-ethnicity individuals from all walks of life. Although many of us will never meet one another, we as TEAM4U exist as one idea. "Let enjoy life by giving our better sides a chance to succeed." If it is a fact that something unknown to the entire earth is watching us from space, maybe its time "We all come together to understand how insane racism and hatred truly is. Now a greater concern is how insane it is for us this time to have our top decision makers to be racists, and/or war mongers. Having insane citizens armed with military weapons looking for bloodshed from a political party appears to be insane. A republicans a white supremacy motto seems more insane at this time . This is 2022 and we are all human beings sharing the same earth as a fact. We the people can no longer afford the ignorance of hatred, or for our nation to be completely divided because war mongers in political positions would rather not get along with the general public.

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