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Connie Chung
Red Carpet

Maury Povich wife Connie Chung reporting for FOX News on behind the scenes celebrity news
Fox News Live Channel 11 Los angeles reporting Connie Chung wife of Maury Povich covers celebrities from Beyonce to Bad Azz

The official 4 U Entertainment motto is "We Don't Do It For Us, We Do It 4 U". What do they do? Michael "Spirit" M.D. Day the founder of the company says the philosophy of 4 U is "Blessed is the one who blesses others, so why not be a blessing?" They opened in 1999 to explore deep loves for good music and live entertainment. By summer of 2000 they had become very popular in the local Riverside county California area for marketing/promotions. They filled a void by booking Top 20 Billboard recording artists from nearby Los Angeles to perform in Riverside county with local talent. One from LA was Bad Azz having a top Billboard hit "I'm A Gangsta", features with Snoop Dog, and Tupac Shakur. They became close friends and Bad Azz referred to Spirit as "The Homie Leguessy" which means "The gift to Mankind." R.I.P. Bad Azz. 4 U expanded again by inviting Bay area performers 800 miles south to the Inland Empire to headline for local talent. The "Luniz" with their hit Billboard single "I Got 5 On it" became regulars. In 2002 members and fans started growing into #Team4U. Team 4 U mourns fallen business comrade Nipsy Hussle, and offers their condolences to the families of all who've departed too soon. To show community support they support the Boys And Girls Club, and the Hollywood chapter of the NAACP.  They offer encouragement in communities everywhere by their message: "Lets give our better sides a chance to succeed." During this on going pandemic 4 U asks to please wear N95 masks in public to help reduce spreading Covid 19. Team 4 U believes staying tuned to the universal heart beat of the streets while lending a helping hand to those in need is important to being truly successful. They're a confident growing group of entrepreneurs who still manage to fascinate music lovers and other entrepreneurs everywhere. To be in the presence of #Team4U is to know you're around good peoples. They're reputation is impressive. They've never had a violent incident at any of their events. #Team4U Celebration goers often shout with the D.J. as the building flows with excitement. The chant goes: "Aint No Party Like a 4 U Party, because a 4 U Party Don't Stop!" Having a good looking team of intelligent, humbled peoples with a knack for good business inspires others to work with that team. Shae Thomas, and Chrissy Whyte of 4 U are definitely two good names to watch for behind the scenes when it comes to marketing/promotions. Not only are they hard working and thoughtful, they're also creative and very intelligent. Over the years 4 U has affiliated with the Jackson family, Grey Goose, Universal Music Group, Bone Thugs N Harmony, And 1, Ludacris, Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show, Ballers Choice, Diddy, Jack Daniels, Monster Energy Drink and NeYo to name a few. Former 20/20 host and Fox News reporter Connie Chung who's the wife of Maury Povich first caught up with 4 U Entertainment in 2012 during their Red Carpet BET Awards event in Hollywood, California. Connie Chung reported: This event has celebrities, everyday peoples, music, dancing, excitement, and magnetic smiles. Here the average Jane and Joe are dancing the night away with top celebrities and everyone is treated like V.I.P.'s because everyone leaves with a free gift bag of amazing products from event sponsors. 

Fox News

4 U collaborations also include coordinating Grammy awards post events, ESPY awards post events, and MTV afterparty events with much more to come. They've reopened their recording division among other new business ventures. They'll be introducing incredible new talent to the world who all have unique sounds and great hooks. See player below.


Also 444U Radio will be continuously reaching new heights with a cast of new DJ's, shows, giveaways, and game shows. The Sunday mourning "Ghetto Gospel Show" is great for all ages. Go to the radio station page where they're NOW PLAYING the "Latest Hits, Priceless Classics, And The Nations local Independents." It's different in a good way. Maybe you're the next household name, you care about what's happening, or maybe you're just for the people. Maybe you want to become a member of #Team4U? In any case see the contact page, or links below. #OneGodOneLove

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As Always In Parting Wishes Of Blessings 'Til Next Time
One God, One Love 

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